Apr 2015

Net Neutrality Save the Internet

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Friends this post is not about any deal and offers which we usually used to post but it is related directly to our freedom of using internet. What if you have to give extra money for using Whatsapp, YouTube, Skype etc if you have still data available. Yes, its soon going to happen and that’s why we have made this post to bring awareness among the users regarding the same.

If you remember few months ago Airtel has started charging extra for VOIP calls, video calls on their network but due to lot of resistance on social media they have to take back their decision.

Save the Internet and bring Net Neutrality:

Our beloved Internet is in danger we must save Internet from Telecom companies. Telecom Companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea are trying to pressurize the Indian government to regulate certain Apps and services like Whatsapp, Youtube, Skype etc. This means that we will be charged separately for using them even if we have paid for the internet data packs. Already Internet packs prices hiking Day by Day like petrol or Diesel.

We, the public & citizens, are getting quite fed up of being bullied by various agencies or even the government which apps to use or not to use because of the pricing policy!

Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) is the only body which has the power to settle this issue once and for all. This is about the internet which has become such an integral part of our lives and its time to make our voices heard.


What We Can Do About All This?

Millions of people are already standing against TRAI to protect real Net Neutrality, and hundreds & thousands are still reading about this and we are expecting that they will be responding soon. We need to do everything we can to ensure the open Internet continues to thrive as a space shared and shaped by its millions of users.


What if We Don’t Respond About This?

If telephone companies get their way, they will dictate what, how and when to browse the internet. And this could happen very soon. And you have no other way rather than to pay extra for the services which are at present included in the data plan. 


What do We Want?

Just impose one common charge for bandwidth usage & leave the choice of how & where to use. Let us decide this and that will sound fair too.


How You can participate to Save the Internet?


Update : 

Flipkart has taken a roll back from Airtel zero platform and now they are also in support of Net neutrality. Its an obvious decision because they are facing a great outrage from their customers.

And Cleartrip has also moved out from which was started by Facebook.


What is Airtel Zero Platform?

Airtel zero platform entitles a user to surf few websites which were listed there for free of charge. It means user don’t have to pay anything even not the data charges. But now you were thinking that why Airtel is doing so, its not a Non-Profit Organization. Yes you are right so the cost incurred on using the internet by users will be paid by the respective companies which were listed there. is also same like Airtel zero platform but the listed companies there are different from that of Airtel zero platform and is in collaboration with Reliance.


So what is wrong in that ?

Its seem nothing wrong at first instance but think again and let me explain you, these websites have that much funds to incur the cost on data usage but what about new startups and small companies. They won’t have that much money to invest. Isn’t it something biased with those companies because it means if you have that much funds then get listed there and reach a vast user base.

Since Flipkart was started in 2007 and that time in India there were not many e-commerce companies but let’s say if Amazon came to India at that time and such platform like Airtel Zero would have been launched then Flipkart was not capable to invest that much amount on such platform but Amazon was capable at that time also because its in e-commerce business from a long time. And you can predict the result, Yes you are right if such thing would have happened then Flipkart won’t reach at that point at which its standing at present – India’s biggest online marketplace.

Every company has equal rights to get flourished on internet. And there should be no partiality in this, that’s why we and million others like us are standing in support of Net Neutrality.


Conclusion :

I have signed this petition and i’m in support of Net Neutrality. I have forwarded this piece of information to my network and you should also support this campaign by signing the petition and forwarding this information to your network. Every vote counts you have read this or heard this during the Election campaign so here also every vote counts and it will effect you and us directly.

Are you thinking that if you won’t vote this campaign then it won’t affect anything. Sorry to say but you are wrong because every person and his vote here matters and it will merely take 1-2 minutes to vote.

What you think about this campaign please let us know and do share this information because we don’t want any single person to be left from knowing this.



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