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Wechat WeReward May 2015 20-20 season take wickets win iphone 6 and One Plus One

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WeChat presents another contest Wechat WeReward May 2015. Be the ultimate bowler this 20-20 cricket season with WeChat & get rewarded with Wallet Cash, shopping discounts and here is a chance to win 3 iPhone 6 and 5 One Plus One smartphone.

Contest duration is from 6 May – 31 May 2015 so during these days complete the activity and get chance to win iphone.

Wechat WeReward May Process

Steps to Complete Activity:

  • Download the Wechat App from App store/Google Play store.

  • From 06-31 May share a Sticker in group of friends and also Broadcast a Message with 10 or more Friends.

  1. Create a group by Plus Button on right corner.
  2. Add contacts to group.
  3. Add at least 5 friends.
  4. Share any sticker in group.
  5. Get 5 Wickets by sharing stickers in a group of friends daily.
  6. Get 5 more by broadcasting a message to 10 or more friends.
  7. Broadcast is simple.Go to Plus Icon on top Right in Wechat.
  8. Here you will find Broadcast Message.
  9. You can get up to 200 Wickets by doing above activities on all days from 06 – 25 May.
  10. Missing out on a day will get you 0 Wickets for that day.
  11. You can check the total wickets taken by clicking on the Rewards>>My Wickets


Wechat WeReward May Prizes:


Wickets Needed


Yatra Cashback


Rs 300 flat cashback on any transaction.



Get Rs.250 off on minimum purchase of Rs.750

OnePlus One


5 OnePlus One up for grabs. Get a chance to win 1 now.

iPhone 6


3 iPhone6 up for grabs. Get a chance to win 1 now.

Pockets Wallet Cash


Get Rs.50 cashback on recharge of Rs.50 at Pockets App by ICICI

LafaLafa Cashback


Make any transaction from LafaLafa website & get Rs.30 cashback.

OnePlus Power Banks


25 OnePlus One up for grabs. Get a chance to win 1 now.

American Swan


Get 55% Off on purchase of Rs.999 and above


  • Redemption of Wechat WeReward May will begin from 11:00 AM on 26 May to 11:00 PM on 31 May 2015.
  • winner will be announced After that.
  • You can redeem each reward only once in the offer period.

Wechat WeReward May Process to redeem

iPhone and Oneplus One Participation Procedure:

  • Once you redeemed your score for iPhone 6 or OnePlus One you will receive Voucher code.
  • Last day to submit entries is 1st June 2015.

Wechat WeReward May Steps to submit your voucher:

  • Use this Voucher to participate.
  • Go to WeChat Team official account click on Keyboard icon on left bottom Type and share your favorite feature along with your voucher code on WeChat using * for example *VoiceCalling aSR2VouCherC0d3
  • You will receive the following reply “Your entry has been registered, winners will be announced on 2nd June, 2015.”

Wechat WeReward May Winners:

Wechat Winners May


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