Mar 2015

Ebay 10th Anniversary Celebration – Answers are also provided

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Ebay is celebrating its 10th Birthday today and has made it more interesting with the help of a game and here is a chance to win cool prizes from categories like Music, Gaming, tech, travel and more. You have to crack a code to win these cool stuffs.

Ebay 10th Anniversary Celebration

Steps to Avail Offer :

  • Check Ebay 10th Anniversary celebration Offer page
  • Choose products from various categories
  • Now Login with facebook and try to crack code.
  • If you have successfully cracked the code then you will win the product.


Terms And Conditions :

eBay will be gifting 160 unique “Passion Products” to unique users who crack the 10 digit numeric code the fastest.

  • “A Unique User” as mentioned, implies a User with a unique eBay Website user ID
  • A “Passion Product” as mentioned, implies a product on the “Unwrap Your Passions” landing page only
  • This Offer is only available for one day. [i.e. applicable only for 16th March, 2015]
  • A user can have unlimited attempts to crack the code for a product listed in the Offer.
  • Once the User has cracked the code, he/she will be asked to share his/her contact details, including: Name, Postal address, Mobile number & phone number and email Id.

For more terms and conditions you can refer the offer page.


Till now following Clues are given by ebay and we are providing answers also :

1st digit Seen in Times of India Today: Passion for math? Riddle us this – It looks like ’10’ to everyone, but what does it mean to you?

Ans – 2

3rd digit – How many cricket players have scored 100 centuries in International Cricket?

Ans – 1

4th digit – Seen on CNN IBN at 9 to 11 am – How many idiots does it take to make sure Aal iz well?

Ans- 3

7th digit – Seen near Haji Ali flyover: 1 poisoned apple, 1 fair maiden, but how many little men in the fairytale?

Ans – 7

10th digit – Your next clue is not censored. As yet 😉 look for a tanmay someone on twitter

Six clues will be given by ebay so 6 numbers are in form of clues rest you have to predict.For all the products these six numbers will remain same but other 4 numbers will change.

Try your luck and win awesome prizes.

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